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Men at Go Kart Track

Adrenaline Filled Go Karting Stag
& Hen Parties

If you want to add some thrill and excitement to your Stag or Hen party, organise an action packed private Go Karting session at Supakart.

We have a range of package deals for your party that can include return mini bus transport from Cardiff city centre.

Book yourstag or hengo karting eventby calling


Call 01633 280 808

Stag & Hen Party Go Kart Races

Team Race for 16 drivers in a private race including Mini Bus from Cardiff city centre and back.
10 minute qualifying followed by a 1 hour non-stop race. Medals for top 3 teams.
£720 (£45 per driver)

Mini Endurance – minimum of 8 drivers up to a maximum of 12 drivers for this private event.
All drivers are on the track for a 10 minute qualifying session. Each drivers fastest lap will determine their grid position. All drivers are then back on
track for a 30 minute non-stop race. Medals for the top 3 drivers.
£41 per driver.

Iron Man Sprint - minimum of 13 drivers for this private event.
Each driver races in 3 heats of 10 laps, starting on a different grid position each time. Points are awarded according to the finishing positions in
these races. The top drivers on the leader board will then go through into a 10 lap final. Medals for top 3 drivers.
£41 per driver.

Mini Bus Transport From Cardiff To Newport

Need for speed at your stag & hen party?Call 01633 280 808

Go Kart racing

We can organise a Mini Bus to collect you from your Cardiff hotel and back after
your race for £120.

See our Booking Conditions here!

Wearing a balaclava will be mandatory when using our helmets from 23/5/2016
Click here for more information

Feedback from our customers is that they would like balaclavas to be worn when the communal helmets are being used.
So from 23/5/2016 if you are wearing our helmets you will need to wear a balaclava.
You can either purchase a disposable balaclava for 50p or a reusable balaclava that you can keep for £2, or bring your own balaclava.

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